onsdag, september 23, 2009

Overwhelming experience

Lata och väldigt upptagna crrly har en skitspännande grej att berätta men noll tid att blogga om det, så vad göra?

Klistra in en bit ur ett mejl skrivet till släkting i USA såklart! ;-p

Here goes:

I also have to tell you that something really exciting has happened to me. I have my own Indian guru! ;-) I have started practicing yoga, here in Byhålan. I have always known it would be great for me, and yes, it’s a really big thing, a lot of things are going on in my body right now when it is trying to get rid of all the old stress that I am carrying around.

And there, in the yoga class, I had a quick glimpse of a thin woman in the back, all dressed in white, and my first spontaneous thought was: “She is my angel!” I have no idea from where that thought came, but immediately as it had taken form inside of my head I was filled with calm and peace.

It turned out that the woman was E from India, and that she was there to lead us in a meditation that would bring our chakras into order. And so she did, and something happened inside of me. I really both felt and saw the strong bright light that she was talking about during the meditation, it was quite an experience.

Afterwards, while talking to her, my eyes suddenly flooded and a lot of feelings and suppressed emotions came up. I felt so strongly that this little lady would be a big help for me.

Last Sunday I had my first private session with E. She told me a lot about myself, which was overwhelming, eye-opening, exciting and a bit scay at the same time. A lot of questions about myself rose inside of me, but I realized I could only find the answers deep inside of me, I just have to know where and how to look for them.

Among a thousand of other things, she told me that mini-crrly is a Crystal Child, have you heard about Crystal and Indigo Children? http://www.starchild.co.za/what.html It seems interesting but I do not know anything about it yet, so I can not really express my opinion on that matter.

E also told me I have two strong gifts: claircognizance and clairvoyance. I know I am clairvoyant sometimes, but only when it feels safe, on trivial things. She encouraged me to explore and develop it, but I told her I was afraid of ghosts. :-)

Anyway, I am filled with confidence. I feel that E is good for me! She will perform distance healing on me 3 times a week, and I am looking forward to getting all that energy that she says I will have from it.

Japp, dä var dä! :-) Det känns himla bra. Äsch, det där lät mesigt. Det känns helt jävla fantastiskt!!

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Anstai sa...

Intressant! Det finns så mkt humbug och trams inom sådant där, så det är kul att höra när ngn faktiskt är med om ngt som känns relevant.
Själv hade jag träningsvärk i HALSEN häromdagen, tack vare yogan. Man upptäcker inte bara mentala ting, utan även intressanta muskler man inte trodde fanns ;-)


Vad är det för slags yoga du går på?
Det här var spännande, helt fantastiskt!

Nina sa...